Zamby and the Mystical Crystals

Zamby and the Mystical Crystals 1.19

Help Zamby gather mystical light crystals


  • Simple controls
  • 150 levels
  • Video solutions
  • Level editor


  • Can be repetitive

Very good

In this puzzle game, you take your little goblin-like cyclops character through different sorts of landscapes like forest or mountains to collect crystals. You'll need to protect yourself from enemies like wizards or trolls along the way by using your logic. The game offers a staggering 150 levels, of which some can only be unlocked after you reach certain points and others are easier for kids. The difficulty rises steadily and you'll find great help along the way to learn all of the different moves.

Zamby can be moved around with your keyboard arrows, or you can just decide to play with your mouse. If you find yourself stuck, the game can show you a video of the solution. One of the only drawbacks we would find is that, because of the amount of levels, the game can end up being quite repetitive. However, the game developers have thought of everything, and the level editor can help you create your own original environment.

Zamby and the Mystical Crystals is a unique puzzle game set in a vast, enchanted fantasy land. Help Zamby in his quest to gather the mystical light crystals! Zamby is filled with hours upon hours of captivating brain training puzzles. A non-violent game that the whole family can enjoy.


  • 150 different levels
  • Non-violent, family friendly gameplay
  • No time-limit pressure
  • 50 levels tailored for kids
  • Unlock secret levels and ancient knowledge
  • Create your own unique levels in the level editor
  • Easy to learn gameplay and simple controls
  • See video solution for every level if you get stuck
  • Download free levels from the Internet

Zamby and the Mystical Crystals


Zamby and the Mystical Crystals 1.19

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